François Michel / Chairman, Ecophon (Saint-Gobain Group)

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Francois Michel is a graduate from Ecole Poytechnique (1998) and Ingenieur en chef des mines. He started his career with the engineering group Alstom. Subsequently, he worked as an economist for the French Ministry of Finance, the International Monetary Fund, and in the private staff of President Nicolas Sarkozy (2009-2012).

In 2012, he joined Saint-Gobain as VP in charge of Corporate Planning. He currently manages Saint-Gobain Ceilings activities in Europe, in particular the Ecophon Group.

By François Michel on ParisTech Review

All around the world, construction methods have begun an accelerated shift towards increased innovation and efficiency, whether in building design, the implementation of constructive solutions, or the distribution and placement of building materials. One dimension of this revolution is the energy efficiency of buildings. Insulation solutions, in particular, are undergoing an unprecedented wave of innovation.
Partout dans le monde, les méthodes de construction ont engagé une mutation accélérée vers davantage d’innovation et d’efficacité, qu’il s’agisse de la conception des bâtiments, des solutions constructives mises en œuvre, ou de la distribution et de la pose des matériaux de construction. Une des dimensions de cette révolution est l’efficacité énergétique des bâtiments. Les solutions d’isolation, en particulier, connaissent une vague d’innovation sans précédent.

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