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Mr. Roussel has been a director of Activision Blizzard since June 2009. He has served as Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources of Vivendi since May 2009. From July 2004 until March 2009, when he became an Executive Vice President of Vivendi, he served as Executive Vice President, Human Resources of SFR, a French telecommunications company controlled by Vivendi. Prior to joining SFR, Mr. Roussel held various positions in the human resources departments of Xerox, document management company, and the Carrefour Group, a global distribution group. He has a degree from the « École des Psychologues Praticiens ».‪

By Stéphane Roussel on ParisTech Review

When the French poet Louis Aragon wrote the line "the weight of the future pushes each present moment back to but a memory", its application to either the internet or management would never have entered his mind. And yet, the words of the great poet resonate for the contemporary challenge of information technology in enterprise.
En écrivant que "l'avenir à chaque instant presse le présent d'être un souvenir", Louis Aragon ne pensait sûrement ni au management ni à Internet. Pourtant, curieusement, les vers du grand poète français décrivent bien l'un des défis que les nouvelles technologies de l'information lancent aux entreprises.

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