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SJTU ParisTech Review is the Chinese edition of ParisTech Review, operated as a joint venture with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

It has been developed for a Chinese and global audience of managers and executives, both in private companies and in public administrations.

Just as ParisTech Review, it is dedicated to assessing how technological innovations and fundamental changes (affecting climate, demography, natural resources) impact business, the economy, society, and individuals.

On most of these themes, Chinese and Western decision-makers face similar challenges and deal with similar questions, though they may have diverse understandings and different solutions. It is all the more necessary to organize high-level discussions and allow all nations to benefit from each other’s experience and vision. SJTU ParisTech Review aims to be such a forum, with high-level contributions from both Chinese and Western experts, academics and top-level managers.

The editorial board of SJTU ParisTech Review is chaired by Dr. Cédric Denis-Rémis, the French dean of SJTU ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology. The board assures the quality and independence of the articles published.


By SJTU ParisTech Review on ParisTech Review

Articles analyzing why there's no Chinese innovation are all over the place. Meanwhile, the situation is changing at a rapid pace. How do Chinese entrepreneurs move from imitators to innovators? To better understand these issues, our Chinese edition invited a number of pioneers and observers at the front-line of domestic and international innovations.
La Chine est souvent assimilée à un imitateur qui aurait du mal à innover. De nombreux articles en cherchent les raisons dans la culture, les politiques publiques ou dans le niveau de développement économique. Mais pendant que les analyses fleurissent, la tendance s'inverse. Une table ronde organisée par notre édition de Shanghai fait le point sur le boom de l'innovation à la chinoise.

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