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A graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and Columbia University, Pierre Noizat has worked for the past 20 years as an engineer and business leader in the telecommunications and media industries. In his most recent executive position, he founded and managed a trade association of mobile network operators that produced the specifications of a new interoperable mobile contactless (NFC) transaction system. He quit this association to become the COO of Paymium, a start-up venture specializing in innovative payment solutions he cofounded in 2011.

By Pierre Noizat on ParisTech Review

The Bitcoin bubble bursting is but one small part of a bigger story. The most exciting part is not speculation, but challenging the banks' control over payment solutions. This is what we should discuss. Starting now.
Les bitcoins ont fait couler beaucoup d'encre ces derniers mois, avec l'éclatement de la bulle spéculative qui s'était formée autour de cette nouvelle monnaie. Ces soubresauts ne doivent pas occulter d'autres débats, plus techniques mais aux enjeux considérables.
Bitcoin is a new payment application available on the internet since January 2009. In a way, by virtue of its open source publication, it is similar to the World Wide Web, the hugely successful internet application of the internet that now enables so many others. Much like the WWW has redefined the way mankind produces and shares knowledge, bitcoin transforms the social code underlying money supply to bring about a new degree of economic freedom. Can it be seen as a new monetary reform vehicle?
Bitcoin est une application de paiement en ligne disponible depuis janvier 2009. Créée par la communauté du libre, elle évoque le World Wide Web, l'application d'Internet dont le succès a ouvert la voie à tant d'autres. Le Web a révolutionné le partage et la production des savoirs; bitcoin transforme le consensus social autour de la création monétaire, ouvrant la voie à une nouvelle liberté économique.


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