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An engineer by training, Pierre Dubuc is a graduate from Institut national des Sciences appliquées (INSA, Lyon).

He was in his early teens when in 2002 he joined the e-education community around “Le Site du Zero” website, founded in 1999 by 13-y-o geek Mathieu Nebra. Very fast Pierre was among the most active members, and he had hardly turned 18 when in 2007, along with Mathieu, he founded Simple IT, a company dedicated to developing the project.

In 2013, after raising 1,2 million euro and investing in IT, Le Site du Zero was renamed OpenClassrooms.

By Pierre Dubuc on ParisTech Review

La révolution des MOOCs a pris de cours les universités et pourrait modifier en profondeur le paysage de l'enseignement supérieur. Mais quels seront les modèles économiques de ces nouveaux acteurs? Les grandes plateformes américaines ont-elles déjà gagné leur pari, et reste-t-il de la place pour les outsiders?
The sudden and widespread advent of Massive Online Open Courses took universities by surprise and could potentially bring in-depth changes in the Higher Education scene. Still, major questions remain unsolved, such as: what business models are adapted to the new educational actors? Have the major American platforms already won the day, or is there still room for outsiders?


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