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A graduate from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (1992), Philippe Mangon started his carreer as an engineer at Cerberus SA. In 2002 he was hired as a R&D director for Siemens before becoming a Technical Director in 2004. He is managing the Siemens global center of competence of Buc, near Paris. This center has global responsibility for Siemens product lines and sales of extinguishing systems using chemical gases. It serves as a global research and development center for fire protection, studying topics such as 42 bar technology for chemical extinguishing gases, CDT, and innovative dual-phase fog extinguishing technology.

By Philippe Mangon on ParisTech Review

Comment gère-t-on le risque incendie dans un hôpital, un aéroport, ou dans un avion ? Les technologies de détection évoluent, ainsi que la communication et le traitement des informations. Les grands acteurs industriels se sont mués en fournisseurs de solutions à la problématique incendie. Avec la consolidation de ces informations dans des systèmes communs à d'autres métiers, la protection incendie apparaît de plus en plus comme l'un des maillons les plus techniques d'un métier plus large, celui de la gestion des infrastructures.
How does one manage fire hazards in a hospital, an airport or on a plane? If detection technologies are evolving, the key today lies in consolidating and processing information, with Danger Management Systems which also monitor security breach risks and transit management. By specializing in the design of system architectures, major industrial players have evolved into becoming service providers. Fire protection, thus, increasingly appears as one of the most technical elements of a wider business line: security.

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