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A graduate from HEC, Philippe Chalmin is Professor of Economic History at Paris-Dauphine University. A Member of the Council of Economic Analysis appointed by the French Prime Minister, he is the Founding Chairman of Cyclope, the main European research institute on commodity markets, which publishes the yearly Cyclope report on the economy and global markets.

In October 2010, Mr. Chalmin was appointed Chairman of the Observatory on Agricultural and Food Prices and Margins (Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economy and Finance).

He is the author of close to forty books, including the most recent “The World is Hungry” (2009), “Le siècle de Jules” (2010), “Demain, j’ai 60 ans, journal d’un économiste” (2011) and “Crises 1929, 1974, 2008. Histoire et espérances” (2013).

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  • Crises : 1929, 1974, 2008. Histoire et espérances
    Philippe Chalmin
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By Philippe Chalmin on ParisTech Review

Si à long terme la transition énergétique apparaît comme une évidence et une nécessité, à court et moyen terme la situation est beaucoup plus confuse. La transition énergétique a commencé, et elle continuera. Mais si l'on cherche à dresser un tableau d'ensemble ce sont les ambiguïtés et les incertitudes qui dominent.
Achieving an energy transition is obviously necessary in the long run, but the situation is much more confusing in the short and mid-term perspectives. Between technological breakthroughs and geopolitical changes, evolutions are difficult to predict. The energy transition has begun and will continue. But if we wish to draw up an overall picture, it is the ambiguities and uncertainties that prevail.

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