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After graduating from Mines ParisTech in 1990, he started his career at Renault and as soon as 1993 dedicated himself to electric vehicle development.

He was a project manager of several new models for Renault in France, South Korea and Turkey, and for Nissan in the United States. In 2011 he joined Tesla as Vice President Quality and managed the validation and certification of the Model S.

After moving back to France, he has worked as an independant strategy consultant in electric mobility, before joining a major German car builder as the leader of its electric vehicle project.

By Philippe Chain on ParisTech Review

With the Model S, Tesla offers not only “the best car in the world,” but also an object from the Silicon Valley, closer in its architecture to a mobile electronic device than to a car, in the conventional sense. The electronics and system architecture but also the streamlined user experience: everything is designed in a framework where models are smartphones and tablets. The result is a car that draws its attractiveness from its own features, including its mechanical performance, and from the enchanting experience it promises, more than from simply rational, technical and economic features. Electronics and automotive technology, the best of both worlds, and beyond! This performance owes much to the personality of Elon Musk and to the culture of the company, which shares both the qualities and defects of a start-up. Will this culture survive to a change of scale?
Avec la Model S, Tesla propose non seulement la meilleure voiture du monde, mais aussi un objet né de la Silicon Valley, à l'architecture plus proche d'un équipement électronique mobile que d'une automobile au sens classique. Que ce soit l'architecture électrique‚ l'architecture système‚ ou surtout la continuité de l'expérience utilisateur, tout est pensé dans un référentiel où les modèles sont les smartphones et les tablettes. Le résultat est une voiture qui puise son attractivité dans ses attributs propres‚ y compris ses performances mécaniques‚ et dans l'enchantement de l'expérience qu'elle promet, plus que dans une préférence technico-économique rationnelle. Electronique et automobile, le meilleur des deux mondes, en mieux! Cette performance doit beaucoup à la personnalité d'Elon Musk et à la culture de l'entreprise, qui a les qualités et les défauts d'une start-up. Cette culture survivra-t-elle au changement d'échelle?

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