Olivier Peyrat / Director general, AFNOR (French Agency of Standardization)

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Olivier PEYRAT is a former Ecole Polytechnique
 student, Head Engineer of the Body of Mining Engineers (Mines ParisTech), 
graduate of Telecom ParisTech, of the Centre for Advanced Business Studies (CPA) in Paris, of the 
European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD). He is a former
auditor of the fifty-fifth session of the Institute of Higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN) and is a laureate of the Fondation Nationale Entreprises et Performance (FNEP).

He joined AFAQ (Association française pour l'amélioration et le management de la qualité) in 1989, as Secretary General, and became the Director General in 1993. At the same time, in 1996, he was Technical Advisor to the Cabinet of the Minister for Industry, Posts and Telecommunications. In 1997, he was President of the Board of Directors of AFAQ ASCERT International, and in 2001 Administrator of EAQA Ltd. - Electricity Association Quality Assurance - in the United Kingdom. He was appointed Director General of AFNOR in June 2003.

By Olivier Peyrat on ParisTech Review

Il existe désormais plus de normes en Chine que dans n'importe quel autre pays du monde : près de 150 000, soit sept fois plus qu'au niveau de l'Union européenne. Quels sont les enjeux de cette vaste entreprise de normalisation ?
There are now more standards in China than in any other country: almost 150000, seven times more than in the European Union. Why such a strong interest for standardization? The great number of issues involved allows observers to identify several trends, all of them driving tactical moves towards standardization. But does China have a Grand Strategy?


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