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A graduate from Sciences Po Paris (Ph.D., 1983), Norbert Alter started his career as a sociologist at France Telecom (1977-1989), before becoming professor at CNAM (Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers). He later joined University Paris-Dauphine and from 2000 to 2008 he was the director of CERSO (Centre d’études et de recherches en sociologie des organisations).

A member of Dauphine’s Research in Management lab, he co-founded the Association professionnelle des sociologues d’entreprise and the academic journal Sociologies pratiques.

Specializing in questions related to innovation and cooperation in organizations, he uses sociological, psychological and anthropological theories to describe and analyze management practices. He published many articles and several prize-winning books.

  • L'innovation ordinaire
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  • Sociologie du monde du travail
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  • La force de la différence : Itinéraires de patrons atypiques
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By Norbert Alter on ParisTech Review

L'innovation ne se réduit jamais à une bonne idée. C'est un processus, qui se joue pour l'essentiel dans l'appropriation de la nouveauté par ceux qui auront à la mettre en œuvre. On a curieusement tendance à négliger cette démarche d'appropriation, ou à ne la considérer que sous l'angle des freins et des obstacles. Comment, au contraire, valoriser et mobiliser les ressources internes des organisations ? En développant une culture de coopération, qui autorise la transgression, et fasse une place à l'émotion.
Try as you may, innovation can never be reduced to a mere good idea. Innovation is a process, which is played chiefly in the way those who are to implement it can successfully make novelty theirs. Quite often management tends to overlook this process of appropriation, or to consider it only in terms of hindrances and obstacles. How, on the contrary, can the internal resources of organizations be enhanced and mobilized? The answer is straightforward: by developing a culture of cooperation, which allows for some degree of transgression… and also makes way for emotion.

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