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A senior economist at Caisse des dépôts et consignations (Deposits and Consignments Fund, a central French public financial institution and a patron of ParisTech Review), Michèle Debonneuil is also a member of several French institutions: Employment, Income and Social Cohesion Council, Council for sustainable development and Orientation Committee of France Investment.

She has authored several official reports and published in 2007 L’Espoir économique: vers la révolution du quaternaire (The Economic Hope: the Quaternary Revolution).

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By Michèle Debonneuil on ParisTech Review

Enterprises are now able to collect all kind of real-time information about the needs of each consumer. They can provide innovative products that are neither goods nor services but something else, in between, that could be called solutions. Around these solutions we are witnessing the emergence of original business models, and more generally, of a new economy.
On est aujourd'hui capable d'avoir en temps réel toutes sortes d'informations sur les besoins de chaque consommateur. Il est possible de les satisfaire avec des produits novateurs qui, n'étant ni seulement des biens ni seulement des services, peuvent être appelés des solutions. Autour de ces solutions s'inventent des modèles d'affaire originaux, et plus largement une économie nouvelle.


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