Michel Cruciani / Program Manager, Centre of Geopolitics of Energy and Raw Materials (CGEMP, University Paris-Dauphine)

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Michel Cruciani has been a Program Manager for CGEMP since February 2007. He contributes to some studies, participates in the organization of conferences and provides a part of the course on renewable energies for the Energy, Finance, Carbon Master students.

He is also a consultant and the founder of Anticyclone, a company specialized in energy studies.

Previously, Michel Cruciani has shared his professional life between Gaz de France (technical services, economic studies), the labor union CFDT (administrator of Gaz de France and then Deputy Secretary General of the Gas & Electricity Federation), and EDF (European Affairs Directorate).

He is the author of articles on energy and climate change. He is also the designer of an educational game, Kyogami, which the rules transposed the flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol.

Michel Cruciani received an engineering degree from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (Aix 66).

By Michel Cruciani on ParisTech Review

L'éolien et le solaire prennent une place significative dans les mix électriques des pays développés. Comment ont-ils réussi leur percée? Les pays européens offrent différents modèles. Mais tous ces modèles ont leurs limites: la transition d'une économie de subvention à une logique de marché est une affaire complexe. Les énergies renouvelables seront-elles bientôt rentables?
Wind turbine and solar power sources now represent a significant fraction in the electricity generation mix of industrialized countries. How did they achieve such a breakthrough successfully? European countries use differing models, which all show their limits, for transition from a subsidy-intensive economy to a market-driven logic is complex. The question remains: will renewable energy sources soon be proven profitable?


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