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Since 2005 Jean-Bernard Lévy has been chairman of the Management Board of Vivendi. Vivendi is at the heart of the different worlds of content, platforms and interactive networks. In this capacity Jean-Bernard Lévy chairs the supervisory boards of Activision Blizzard, Canal+ France and GVT (Brazil), as well as of the Institut Telecom. He is also Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Maroc Telecom (Marocco) and Groupe Canal+, and is a Board member of Universal Music, SFR, Vinci, the Pasteur Institute, and Société Générale.

An engineer by training, Jean-Bernard Lévy began his career at France Telecom before becoming a technical advisor and consultant at France’s Ministry for Postal and Telecommunications Services under then Secretary of State Gérard Longuet. After a period as General Manager in charge of communication satellites at Matra Marconi Space, he returned to the French civil service as Longuet’s Chief of Staff, and was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Matra Communication in 1995. He became first Chief Executive Officer, then Managing Partner for Corporate Finance at Oddo & Cie, a securities and asset management firm, in 1998, before moving to Vivendi in 2002.

Jean-Bernard Lévy is an alumnus of France’s Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom-ParisTech. He lives in Paris.

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By Jean-Bernard Lévy on ParisTech Review

How do we ensure that exponential increases in demand for bandwidth continue to be met both today and tomorrow? What hurdles must be overcome in the race to deploy ultra-high speed networks in the face of a less than favorable economic climate? Reflection on Europe provides fertile grounds for debate over some of the more delicate issues which, at their heart, revolve around new approaches toward network management and a more pragmatic idea of the network neutrality principle.
Comment faire face aux besoins exponentiels de bande passante dans les années à venir? Comment assurer un déploiement rapide de réseaux fixes à très haut débit dans un contexte économique difficile? L'Europe offre une bonne illustration de cette question, qui ouvre sur des débats sensibles. De nouvelles approches de la gestion du trafic sont indispensables avec, à la clé, une vision pragmatique de la neutralité du Net.

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