Jacques Maire / Honorary president of Gaz de France

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Jacques Maire, a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Mines Paristech, is honorary president of Gaz de France.

Before joining Gaz de France in 1980, he has worked in the French government administration, mainly in the ministry of industry and the ministry of post and telecommunications.

From 1998 to 2008, he has been a member of the independent commission in charge of the privatization of state companies.

Jacques Maire is chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the French National Committee of the World Energy Council.

By Jacques Maire on ParisTech Review

La circulation automobile est l'objet d'une régulation sans cesse plus contraignante au fur et à mesure de l'évolution des techniques. La circulation financière a suivi un chemin inverse avec la suppression de nombreuses règles antérieures et l'absence de nouvelles règles. Si l'on transposait à l'automobile, on pourrait dire que n'importe qui peut conduire n'importe comment n'importe quel véhicule sur n'importe quelle route. Est-ce bien raisonnable?
Traffic regulations have become more constraining as technology grows ever more sophisticated. In finance the opposite is true and progress has been measured by the suppression of previous regulatory safeguards and the complete absence of a new framework with which to replace them. To extend the analogy of the automobile it is as if whoever has the desire, can drive any vehicle while creating their own rules and according to any route. Is this the path we want to be taking?


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