Hervé Guyomard & Agneta Forslund / Scientific Director of Agriculture Department at INRA & Economist at TAC

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Hervé Guyomard :
Agricultural engineer and statistician - economist, Hervé Guyomard is Director of Research (DR) at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).
His works concern the analysis of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its evolutions in the context of the new challenges to take up, in particular at the environmental level, the new expectations of the society and the insertion of the European Union in international trade.
He is Scientific Director in charge of researches coming under the domain of Agriculture.

Agneta Forslund :
Agneta Forslund is working as an economist at TAC, a private company providing applied economic and financial research to financial institutions, international companies and multilateral organizations. She works mainly on country risk analysis on emerging markets, but also on studies implying industry-specific research, policy related research in trade and investment and cyclical analysis. Before this position, Agneta worked as a consulting engineer in economics for the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) on different studies, modelling and analyzing world agricultural and biofuels markets. She has been co-writing articles about the current state and the global economic outlook of agricultural markets focusing on the competition between food and non food uses of agricultural productions, i.e. « Second-Generation Biofuels and Land Use Competition » to be published in OCL (Oléagineux, Corps Gras, Lipides) in 2011, « The growing role of tropical oils in international markets: major markets and countries » in OCL Vol 16, Nr 4, 2009 and « Evaluating impacts of biofuel development in the USA and the EU on the world agricultural crops markets » in OCL Vol 14, Nr 6, 2007.

  • National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
  • TAC
  • OCL (Oléagineux, Corps Gras, Lipides)

By Hervé Guyomard & Agneta Forslund on ParisTech Review

Contrairement à une idée trop souvent répandue, il existe des terres disponibles potentiellement cultivables non encore cultivées, même sans empiéter sur les forêts. Le changement climatique aurait un effet légèrement positif sur ce potentiel. Le monde ne manquera donc pas de terres ce qui ne signifie pas qu'il n'y aura pas concurrence entre les divers usages (alimentaires, non alimentaires, sylvicoles, environnementaux, récréatifs, industriels et urbains, etc.).
Contrary to widely held belief there is arable land that could be cultivated without risking further encroachment on our forests. Impetus for developing the potential has been provided by climate change. What is at stake is how to resolve tensions that will arise as competing demands are made on land resources. These will arrive from many directions not always related to satisfying demand for food and include non-food, environmental, recreational, forestry, and urban needs.


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