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A graduate from Ecole Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech and INSEAD, François Gerin is a member of the Managing Board of Siemens SAS, responsible for Business Development programs in France, especially developing cross-group synergies among sales and service organizations, for the satisfaction of the main Siemens accounts with French HQ. He also coordinates innovation and R&D activities of Siemens in France, with their partners, and also with competitiveness clusters. He previously held various managing positions in transportation activities, telecommunications services, TV services and networks, among public and private companies.

By François Gerin on ParisTech Review

The first automated metro lines opened over thirty years ago. Today, new projects are being launched and older lines are being upgraded to automatic systems. These choices are driven by technical as well as economic reasons. But do the edges of the automated metro live up to the investments? Recent projects in and around Paris provide some valuable feedback.
Les premiers métros automatiques ont commencé à circuler il y a plus de trente ans. Aujourd'hui, de nouveaux projets sont lancés et certaines lignes anciennes sont automatisées. Derrière ces choix, il y a des contraintes techniques et des arbitrages économiques. Les avantages du métro automatique valent-ils les investissements consentis?

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