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Eric Chaney has been chief economist for the AXA Group since 2008. His mission is to provide global macroeconomic scenarios and to assess the main economic and financial risks, for the group at large and its main entities.

Eric has his office at AXA Investment Managers, where he is Head of Research and member of the Executive Committee. Eric has launched the AXA IM Economic Symposium (Paris 2010, London 2011 and 2012), which featured prominent speakers such as Stephen Roach, Charles Goodhart, Francesco Giavazzi, Jacques de Larosière, Sushil Wadhwani, P.O. Gourinchas, Thomas Huertas or Stephen Li Jen.

From 2000 to 2008, Eric Chaney was Chief economist for Europe at Morgan Stanley, which he had joined in 1995. Previously, he headed the economic forecasting unit of the French statistical office (INSEE). Before that, he was responsible for global economic forecasts and analysis at the French Treasury.

He has been associate professor at the French School of Administration (ENA). Since 1997, Eric has been a member of the French Economic Council of the Nation (CEN). He is an independent member of the French Tax Council (CPO).

A former professor of Mathematics and editor of a mathematical journal of the University of Strasbourg, Eric also holds a Master's Degree in economics and econometrics from the Paris Graduate School of Economics, Statistics and Finance (ENSAE ParisTech).
Eric has been appointed as member of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) Scientific Advisory Board in January 2014.

By Eric Chaney on ParisTech Review

Is the global crisis behind us? The divergent development of major emerging countries, Europe and the United States reminds us that despite a strong tendency for unification during the past two decades, despite our growing interdependence, the world economy is still highly fragmented. Under the circumstance, it doesn't make sense to draw a general picture without taking a closer look at these differences: between emerging and advanced countries, between the United States and Europe, and even within Europe itself.
Le monde est-il sorti de la crise? Les trajectoires divergentes des grands émergents, de l'Europe et des Etats-Unis rappellent qu'en dépit du puissant courant d'unification qui l'anime depuis une vingtaine d'années, en dépit aussi d'une interdépendance croissante, l'économie mondiale reste morcelée. Impossible, dans ces conditions, de tracer un tableau d'ensemble sans s'intéresser au jeu des différences entre les émergents et les autres, les Etats-Unis et l'Europe, et au sein même de l'Europe.

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