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Elliot Cohen has been working on the future of social and personalized maps for several years. His professional background is in startups (Audiobase) and building skyscrapers (Vornado Realty). He holds a degree in Urban Planning from Cornell and a MBA from Columbia University.

He is now the CEO of Citymaps, a company he cofounded in 2010.

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By Elliot Cohen on ParisTech Review

Avez-vous déjà entendu parler des cartes 2.0? Dans l'esprit du web 2.0, elles ne sont pas seulement numériques, mais aussi sociales et personnelles. Vous pouvez vous les approprier et les personnaliser, utiliser celles de vos amis, les secrets qu'ils acceptent de partager sur une ville ou une région. Que montrent ces cartes, comment fonctionnent-elles? Citymaps est l'une des plus startups les plus innovantes dans ce domaine. Derrière cette application il y a une ambition, des défis techniques, et un modèle économique.
Ever heard of maps 2.0? Yes, just like web 2.0, they are not only digital but also social and personal. You can make them yours, as well as use your friends' knowledge and experience of a city. What do they show, how do they work? Citymaps is probably one of the most innovative startups in the game. CEO and cofounder Elliot Cohen tells us about the dreams that lie beneath the map – with a glimpse of the technical challenges and the business model.


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