Du Hua / President of the Rhodia Rare Earth Systems GBU

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Chinese nationality
2010: President of the Rhodia Rare Earth Systems GBU
2009: General Manager - Asia Region, "Interconnect" technologies, Dow Group (following the acquisition of the Rohm & Haas Group by the Dow Group)
2007 - 2009: Vice-President, China, and member of the General Management Board, Rohm & Hass
1999 - 2007: General Manager of various business activities, notably in the area of circuit board technologies, Rohm & Haas (after the acquisition of LeaRonal by Rohm & Haas)
1998 - 1999: China Manager, LeaRonal (manufacturer of chemicals for the electronics industry)

Education :
PhD. in Organic Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
Bachelor of Sciences in Chemistry, Beijing University, China

  • Rhodia Rare Earth Systems

By Du Hua on ParisTech Review

La décision de la Chine, prise en 2010, de limiter la production et l'exportation de ses terres rares représente pour certains industriels un risque de production majeur. C'est tout particulièrement vrai pour les chimistes. Le responsable du département terres rares pour le groupe Rhodia s'est entretenu au printemps 2011 avec ParisTech Review.
China's decision in 2010 to limit production and exportation of the rare earth metals on which a number of industries rely set off alarm bells among the country's trading partners. This was particularly true for the chemicals industry. The President of Rhodia Group's Rare Earth Systems took time to comment on the current situation with ParisTech Review in Spring 2011.


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