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Christopher McKenna is University Reader in Business Strategy and History, a Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, and the Director of the Centre for Professional Service Firms at Saïd Business School. He studies the historical development and strategy of professional firms, and their role in shaping global business.

Christopher was an undergraduate in economics at Amherst College and completed his PhD at the Johns Hopkins University. He has worked on Wall Street and in the City of London and has held research fellowships at Yale University, Georgetown Law, and, most recently, at the Harvard Business School. Prior to joining Saïd Business School in 2000, Chris taught at the Wharton School in the University of Pennsylvania.

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By Christopher McKenna on ParisTech Review

Les grands cabinets de conseil ont un rôle déterminant dans les stratégies des entreprises. Mais comment se sont-ils développés, quels ont été leurs propres choix stratégiques? Dans un séminaire de l'Ecole de Paris, Christopher McKenna (Oxford University), revient sur l'histoire d'un secteur qui entretient avec l'innovation un rapport ambigu.
Big consulting firms play a crucial role in the strategic management of companies. But how did they themselves design strategies of their own? During a seminar in the Ecole de Paris, Christopher McKenna (Oxford University) looked back on the history of an industry characterized by a somewhat ambiguous relationship to innovation.

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