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Christophe Deshayes has been a professional speaker for twenty years, giving more than 1500 talks or keynotes in front of various audiences: business executives, think tanks, symposiums and universities. He has been deciphering digital disruption challenges and impacts for the society, business, culture and everyday life.

He regularly publishes articles in newspapers and digital media, and has co-authored two books: 'Petit Traité du Bonheur 2.0' in 2013 (A Compact Treatise of Happiness 2.0) written with psychologist Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik, in which he analyzed the rise of digital technologies and culture in the field of wellness and psychological wellbeing,
'Les Vrais Révolutionnaires du numérique' in 2010 (True Digital Revolutionaries), written with Michel Berry, which has been showing the true innovative role of ordinary people, through collaborative communities and digital platforms.

Christophe Deshayes has also coauthored two articles with Jean-Baptiste Stuchlik in ParisTech Review.

  • Les vrais révolutionnaires du numérique
    Michel Berry
    List Price: EUR 19,30
  • Petit traité du bonheur 2.0 - Comment prendre soin de soi et des autres grâce aux technologies numér: Comment prendre soin de soi et des autres grâce aux technologies numériques
    Christophe Deshayes
    List Price: EUR 19,90

By Christophe Deshayes on ParisTech Review

Les entreprises redoutent désormais de se faire uberiser. Or, cette menace, annoncée depuis l'émergence du web il y a vingt ans, ne peut être considérée ni comme une nouveauté, ni comme une surprise. Pourquoi une telle impréparation? Simple refus de voir ou compréhension trop superficielle du phénomène numérique? Dans tous les cas, comprendre vraiment ce qui se joue n'a jamais été aussi urgent pour organiser la contre-attaque.
Henceforth, many companies are afraid of getting uberized. Now, this danger, which has its roots in the emergence of the web twenty years ago, can be considered neither as a novelty nor a surprise. So why is the corporate world so unprepared? A simple matter of denial or an overly superficial understanding of digital technology? In any case, it has never been so urgent for the corporate world to understand what is going on. Be it only prepare the counter-attack.

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