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After starting his career at The Economist, Chris Anderson was for 11 years the editor-in-chief of WIRED until 2012. He is the co-founder and chairman of 3DRobotics, a robotic manufacturing company.

He has published several books. His 2004 article, "The Long Tail" was expanded in 2006 in volume, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More. In 2009 he published Free: The Future of a Radical Price, and in 2012 was released his last opus, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.

  • Makers: The New Industrial Revolution
    Chris Anderson
    List Price: EUR 17,11
  • Free: The Future of a Radical Price
    Chris Anderson
    List Price: EUR 25,47
  • Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Anderson, Chris Published by Hyperion 1st (first) edition (2009) Hardcover
    Chris Anderson
    List Price:
  • The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More
    Chris Anderson
    List Price: EUR 14,79
  • La Longue Traîne : Quand vendre moins, c'est vendre plus
    Chris Anderson
    List Price: EUR 10,00
  • Free !
    Chris Anderson
    List Price: EUR 22,50
  • Makers : La nouvelle révolution industrielle
    Chris Anderson
    List Price: EUR 25,00

By Chris Anderson on ParisTech Review

Tout comme Internet a permis à n'importe qui de se muer en entrepreneur, les technologies d'aujourd’hui ont donné naissance à un mouvement de micro-fabrication, où n'importe quel inventeur peut se transformer en industriel. Chris Anderson explique dans son dernier livre que des imprimantes 3D désormais abordables jusqu'au crowdsourcing de la conception, tous les éléments sont réunis pour créer les conditions d'une petite révolution industrielle.

Makers and DIY manufacturing

Business on January 4th, 2013

Just as the Internet enabled anyone with a computer to become an entrepreneur, today's newest technologies have spawned a do it yourself micro-manufacturing movement, so anyone can be both inventor and manufacturer. Chris Anderson's new book, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, explains how all the pieces are coming together - from more affordable 3D printers to crowd-sourced designs - to create the conditions for a new way of manufacturing. In this interview with Knowledge@Wharton, Anderson talks about the ways in which technology is changing the limits of what inventors can do, what the Maker Movement is, why he started DIY Drones and how the new technologies will drive the global economy.

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