Bernard Delpech / EDF Group R&D COO in charge of Networks, Trading and Renewable Energy

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Bernard Delpech is EDF Group R&D COO in charge of Networks, Trading and Renewable Energy.

He has been leading the industrial development of EDF Group Distributed Generation business division, managing Transmission and Distribution Business Units, and Head Financial Controller for EDF France.

He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique from ParisTech, and has been granted a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

By Bernard Delpech on ParisTech Review

L'intelligence dans les réseaux est une réalité depuis longtemps. La nouveauté, c'est le besoin grandissant de flexibilité dans les systèmes électriques. Cela va remettre en cause les rôles respectifs des divers acteurs: fournisseurs d'électricité, régulateurs, industriels, gestionnaires de réseaux, clients.
Power grids have long been constructed with a built-in intelligence. So why is so much noise being made over the arrival of so-called "smart grids"? Are we witnessing a real revolution? The potential for a massive shake-up is clear, one that could have an impact on power utilities, regulators, manufacturers, network managers, and consumers for many years to come.

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