Béatrice Foucher / Vice President of the Electric Vehicle Program, Renault

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Béatrice Foucher has been named Vice President of Renault's Electric Vehicle Program, on September 1st, 2012.

A graduate from Agro ParisTech (1988), she also holds a Masters in Quality Management from Centrale Paris / ESCP. She joined Renault in 1989 at the Quality Department. She moved on to the Customer Research Department in 1993 and then in 1996 to the Product Department, where she successively held the positions of deputy product manager for Laguna 2, product manager for Espace 4 and head of future projects, before being named Director of the M2S range in 2005 and Product Director in April 2007.

By Béatrice Foucher on ParisTech Review

La voiture électrique a un avenir, mais lequel ? Plusieurs technologies sont en concurrence et les grands constructeurs ont opté pour des stratégies très différentes. Renault se distingue par le choix du tout-électrique. Béatrice Foucher, directrice du programme Véhicule électrique, nous en explique les raisons et donne le point de vue d'un industriel sur un paysage en pleine évolution.
There is a future in electric cars, but which one? Several technologies are competing and the major manufacturers have opted for very different strategies. Renault distinguishes itself from others by going all-electric. Beatrice Foucher, Director of their Electric Vehicle program, explains that choice and shares the insights of a carmaker on a changing landscape.


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