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ParisTech Review’s Chinese Edition: Chief Editor Wanted!

on June 3, 2013, 0 comment

Shanghai Jiao Tong University and ParisTech Review are launching a joint review online in Chinese. The editorial content is related to the social and economic impact of technologies and innovations. It will comprise articles from ParisTech Review translated into Chinese, and specific articles related to China.

Job description

The editor-in-chief will be at the same time the executive director of the review. The editor-in-chief will overview all activities related to the review, and will be fully responsible for the editorial content. The position is proposed by Shanghai JiaoTong University located in Shanghai, China and will start in July 2013.

1. Initial work immediately after recruitment
• Overview of the design and implementation of the review’s website (technical elements from the ParisTech Review site will be made available)
• Definition of editorial and technical processes (with the help of the ParisTech Review team)
• Definition of actions towards potential readership
• Constitution of the editorial board

2. Permanent tasks
• Overview of translation of ParisTech Review articles into Mandarin (6-7 articles per month)
• Quality control and editing of articles
• Online uploading of articles
• Management and development of readership
• Publishing any specifically Chinese articles (during a second phase only, and sparingly at first: 1 per month maximum), which implies: choice of subjects by the editorial board, identification of authors or interviewees, submission to the editorial board, which plays the role of peer review).
• Approaching and maintaining contacts with sponsoring companies (with the assistance of the ParisTech Review team)

3. Professional profile
• Experience in managing a magazine or a newspaper (online if possible)
• Strong writing and editing skills (Mandarin)
• Internet savvy
• If possible, experience managing a website

4. Personal profile
• A manager, who has had senior management responsibilities, at least of one project
• Basic training as an engineer, or at least with a strong understanding of technical subjects
• Perfectly fluent in English (the knowledge of French will be considered as a plus, but it is not a substitute to the fluency in English).
• Ability to manage translators and interviewers
• Ability to work independently
• Excellent interpersonal skills, allowing to communicate with a high profile editorial board and to approach potential authors who are equally high-level.
• A science journalist who has exercised senior management in a review would be the optimal candidate.

Please send CV and Cover Letter to Dr. Cédric DENIS-REMIS ( and Dr. Richard ROBERT ( before June 23th 2013.

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