Yoann Sidoli / Ph. D. candidate in sociology, SENSE laboratory of Orange Labs / University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

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Yoann Sidoli is a Ph. D. candidate in sociology at the SENSE laboratory (Sociology and Economics of Networks and Services) of Orange Labs and at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

By Yoann Sidoli on ParisTech Review

Economists, as well as companies, increasingly care about the ecologic crisis. Various approaches are emerging that all strive to reduce the environmental impacts of the production and consumption of manufactured goods. Among them, functional economy belongs to the powerful trend of servitization of products. It triggers three dramatic mutations, regarding value estimation, ownership and the relation to time.
L'économie de fonctionnalité consiste à vendre l'accès aux fonctions d'un bien, plutôt que le bien lui-même. Xerox ou Autolib en sont des modèles bien connus. Cette mutation considérable bouleverse trois domaines : calcul de la valeur, propriété et rapport au temps.


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