Wayne Wang / Chairman, CEO and Founder of CDP Group, Former President of the Human Resources Forum of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China, Executive Member of the Council of Shanghai Modern Service Union

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Wayne Wang is the founder, chairman & CEO of CDP Group, one of the top ranked Human Capital Management Services Company in Greater China/Asia.

Prior to founding CDP, he held various senior international executive positions with large MNCs in US/Europe/China for more than 20 years. Wayne has built extensive Global Network with Leaders from China/Europe/US in business, government, and investment communities. Wayne has received many accolades due to his outstanding contributions in modern services industry, including “Chinese Business Leader of the Year” in 2011, for his entrepreneurial endeavors by EU and China Federation of Industrial Economics (CFIE) at the Global/China Business Summit co-organized by EU/CFIE in Spain in 2011.

In 2010, Mr. Wang won the “Global Economic Stimulus Prize,” the top award of the year outside USA, by American Society for Human Resource Management ( SHRM ), the world largest Human Resources Management Society. He was awarded as “Outstanding Chinese Brand Builder of the Year” in 2008 by Chinese Brand Association He is also a regular at Forbes Global CEO Conferences.

Wayne Wang graduated from Fudan University in 1986 with his bachelor degree in Computer Science, University of Iowa in 1990 with a master degree of EE/CE, and HEC Paris in 2009 with a MBA degree.

By Wayne Wang on ParisTech Review

En Chine comme ailleurs, les services ont longtemps été considérés comme un simple complément aux secteurs primaire et secondaire, certes capable de créer des emplois, mais pas de prétendre au statut de véritable moteur de l'économie. La donne a changé. Les services sont aujourd'hui en pleine mutation technologique. Des domaines comme la finance et la vente sont soumis à une évolution rapide. Il en va de même pour les RH. Le point avec l'un des principaux acteurs du secteur.
In China just like everywhere else, the tertiary sector has long been deemed as an affiliation or an attachment to primary and secondary industries with a certain amount of contribution to employment, but never as a driver of the economy. The game is changing. Industries such as finance and retail are facing a technological reinvention, and great changes are also reshaping HR services.


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