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A graduate from Ecole Polytechnique (1982), Tru Dô-Khac has collaborated with leading brands : IBM, Alcatel Lucent, Accenture and Orange.

As an independant IT consultant since 2005, he has crafted "IT Regime Management," a design thinking method to help the businesses and their IT department in their journey to the digital arena. He is currently making plans to licence IT Regime Management globally.

Tru Dô-Khac advocates the theory of "The Digital Enterprise as the Result of Information Technology / Intellectual Property Collisions".
Pioneering LinkedIn for open research in digital management, he is nurturing a system of twenty blogs. Since 2010, has published more than 70 articles on the digital transformation of the enterprise in various magazines (see Le Répertoire de l'Entreprise Numérique).
Tru Dô-Khac is the founder and chairman of "X Intellectual Property" and "X Open Innovation", two professional groups hosted by the Ecole Polytechnique alumni association.

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By Tru Dô-Khac on ParisTech Review

Turning digital, the innovative company becomes collaborative, at both strategic and operational levels. The innovation policy moves from exclusion to collaboration, marketing from transactional to collaborative, IT governance from monolithic to differentiated… To drive change in strategy, organization and information systems, managers often use best practices ground on observation, measurement and analysis. But to address the behavior of the company, its postures and image, specific skills are needed to design meaning and emotion.
Le design management est au cœur des transformations des entreprises depuis bientôt trente ans. Cette approche, qui consiste à placer la conception au centre des priorités stratégiques, trouve aujourd’hui un regain d'intérêt dans le contexte de l'innovation collaborative où il s'agit de produire avec des partenaires variés, dont font partie les consommateurs, une expérience client originale.

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