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Sushi Suzuki is an instructor of design innovation at École des Ponts ParisTech and the co-founder of d.thinking Ponts ParisTech. As a practitioner of the Stanford-IDEO design methods, he has worked on various design challenges ranging from video game controllers to developing world education tools and new radio segments for NPR. In industry, Sushi helped design and prototype future telematic systems and services for DaimlerChrysler. He was also one of the founding members of, a Japanese start-up company that handles antique kimono and accessories online. Artist by nature, Engineer by training, and Designer by desire, Sushi is always thinking of new ways to do the old things better. He holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and B.A. in Studio Arts from Rice University.

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By Sushi Suzuki on ParisTech Review

Le prototypage a toujours fait partie intégrante du processus de conception et d'ingéniérie; mais les professionnels lui trouvent aujourd'hui de nouvelles applications, et mettent au point des méthodologies nouvelles pour profiter pleinement du potentiel des prototypes. Voici le premier volet d'une série sur le "design thinking" par les membres du groupe d.thinking Ponts Paris Tech.
Prototyping has always been an integral step in design and engineering, but practitioners are now expanding its use to various new applications and devising new methodologies to unleash the true power of prototyping. This is part one of the series on design thinking by the members of d.thinking Ponts ParisTech.

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