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Rodolphe Durand is the GDF-Suez professor of Strategy at HEC-Paris where he chairs the Strategy department, and is in charge of the MBA and PhD specialization. He graduated from HEC (MSc and PhD) and La Sorbonne (MPhil).

His primary research interests concern the social and institutional sources of competitive advantage and organizational performance, in particular in settings where conformity pressures are strong. His works have been published in journals including American Journal of Sociology, Academy of Management Review, and Strategic Management Journal. Rodolphe received national and international awards including the "R. Scott Award" (American Sociological Association, 2005), the "HEC Foundation Best paper of the year" (2006 and 2009), and the "Euram/Imagination Lab award for innovative scholarship" (2010). He initiated the "Society and Organizations" research center at HEC (

Rodolphe is also a prolific author of books, including "Guide du management stratégique" (Dunod, 2003), "Organizational Evolution and Strategic Management" (Sage, 2006), "Strategor" (co-editor, Dunod, 2009) and "L'Organisation pirate" (Bord de l'Eau, 2010, coauthored with JP Vergne).

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  • L'organisation pirate : Essai sur l'évolution du capitalisme
    Rodolphe Durand
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  • Strategor : Toute la stratégie d'entreprise
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  • Guide de management stratégique : 99 concepts clés
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  • Organizational Evolution And Strategic Management
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  • Organizational Evolution and Strategic Management
    Rodolphe Durand
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By Rodolphe Durand on ParisTech Review

The furor over the WikiLeaks affair graced headlines of newspapers across the globe and illuminated the nebulous world of hackers and internet pirates. Questions have been raised over the unseen threads that connect actors on both sides of the law. What links do they have with states and large corporations? Are they completely outside the capitalist system? Piracy has a storied history with lessons for the current situation that Rodolphe Durand, Professor of strategy at HEC and co-author of The Pirate Organization (Harvard Business Press, 2012), recently discussed.
L'affaire Wikileaks a fait la Une des journaux de la planète, attirant l'attention sur la nébuleuse mal connue des hackers et autres pirates du Web. Criminels ou justiciers, quels rapports entretiennent-ils avec les États et les grandes corporations ? Sont-ils hors système ou participent-ils à leur façon à la dynamique du capitalisme ? L'histoire de la piraterie permet de remettre en perspective les enjeux d'aujourd'hui. Le point avec Rodolphe Durand, professeur de stratégie à HEC Paris et coauteur de "L'Organisation pirate" (Le bord de l'eau, 2010).

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