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Robert Branche is a management consultant since 1988, first in large international consulting firms - Senior Partner of Bossard Consultants, Vice President of Mercer Management Consulting -, then for ten years on his own. He is helping top management teams to define and implement innovative strategies in uncertainty world. For him, uncertainty leads to hope, differentiation and real value creation.

In his first book, Neuromanagement (Éditions du Palio 2008), he has stressed that unconscious processes are important inside enterprises, and that it is possible to lean on them to increase performance and reactivity. In his last book, « les Mers de l’incertitude » (Éditions du Palio 2010), he explains how to take advantage of uncertainty.

In his blog,, he opens to debate on country management and politics in what he calls « Neuromonde ».
Robert Branche started his professional carrier in 1979 in the French Small Business Administration (Délégation à la PMI) and the French Delegation for Territorial Development and Regional Action (DATAR). Then he joined L’Oréal before being a consultant.

He is graduated from two ParisTech schools: Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Ponts ParisTech.

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  • Les mers de l'incertitude : Diriger en lâchant prise
    Robert Branche
    List Price: EUR 19,50
  • Neuromanagement : Pour tirer parti des inconscients de l'entreprise
    Robert Branche
    List Price: EUR 19,50

By Robert Branche on ParisTech Review

Efforts to forecast our future fall short of a perfect dream where events can be weighed and measured with the predictability more commonly found in cookbooks the world over. If predictions could be made with the same degree of certainty that a baker employs then where would we find the creative drive to innovate ? In an increasingly uncertain world is it even possible for random acts of genius ? Can we embrace chaos and harness its power ? The paradox is that to plan for the future we must discard the limits of our present. When we accept this seeming contradiction the need for a stable hand is clear if we are to successfully identify the sea that acts as the ultimate source of attraction.
Nous rêvons d'un monde prévisible, fait de recettes de cuisine. Mais ce n'est pas notre monde... et heureusement: quelle serait la place laissée pour l'innovation et la création de valeur dans un monde prévisible ? Mais comment faire dans le désordre croissant ? Peut-on diriger en s'appuyant sur l'incertitude au lieu de lutter contre elle ? La réponse paradoxale est d'oublier le présent et de penser à partir du futur, de privilégier la stabilité du management... et de comprendre que l'incertitude est avant tout source d'espoir !

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