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After studying engineering in a province college, focalized on information sciences, Philippe Richard was hired as a contract analyst by a French intelligence agency. The main part of his work was the gathering, processing and synthesis of information from open sources: clipboard, television and internet media mainly, so called Open-source intelligence (OSINT). At the end of his contract, he created his business as a strategy consultant and information collecting specialist, for businesses, and especially SMEs.

By Philippe Richard on ParisTech Review

Undercover ops, one of the darker sides of life, occasionally suffers from sudden exposure in the media, witness how the Concorde’s specification blueprints ended up in Russia or when US secret services used massive listening Big Ears (Echelon) to monitor official, supposedly privy phone exchanges. Yet, far from limiting its activities to the covert manoeuvers to access and analyse State secrets, the spy business today has refocused for some time now on industrial targets. The challenges and techniques used evolve constantly. In an open world, where information systems play an increasingly structuring role, the issue of how to protect sensitive data and technologies has now become a priority question.
Des vols de plans du Concorde par les Russes aux écoutes américaines révélées à grand bruit dernièrement, le monde de l'ombre pâtit parfois de son passage sous les feux de l'actualité. Loin de s'en tenir aux manœuvres feutrées autour des secrets d'État, il y a bien longtemps que l'espionnage a pris une tournure… industrielle. Ses techniques et ses enjeux continuent d'évoluer. Dans un monde ouvert, où les systèmes d'information jouent un rôle de plus en plus structurant, la question de la protection des informations et des technologies sensibles passe au premier plan.

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