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Dr. Patrick Lagadec is a Senior Research Scientist at the Ecole Polytechnique (Department of Economics, Econometrics Laboratory). He is member of the French Academy of Technologies. He was awarded the Forum Engelberg prize in 1999.

His research and expertise focus on crisis intelligence and leadership in increasingly chaotic and un-chartable environments. He is the author of a host of books including: Preventing Chaos in a Crisis, (McGraw Hill, 1993); book chapters, such as “Crisis Management in the Twenty-First Century – “Unthinkable” Events in “Unthinkable” Contexts”, in Dynes, Quarantelli, Rodriguez, Handbook of Disaster Research, (Springer, October 2006); and scores of articles, such as “The Borderline of Chaos” (Crisis Response, 2006) and media op-ed papers , for example “A New Era Calls for a New Model”, (International Herald Tribune, Nov. 1, 2005).

He is currently researching and developing new paradigms and operational know-how to meet the challenges of major dislocations and chaotic contexts. A good example is Patrick Lagadec's concept of the “Rapid Reflection Force” – a specific approach and practice to deal with hyper-complex, unknown and even “inconceivable” situations in which loss of bearings tends to paralyze traditional crisis management approaches.

Patrick Lagadec has led a large number of ad hoc seminars for students in some of the most renowned academic institutions, and for the advanced preparation of top-level decision-makers.

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  • “A New Era Calls for a New Model”, (International Herald Tribune, Nov. 1, 2005)
  • Preventing Chaos in a Crisis: Strategies for Prevention, Control and Damage Limitation
    Patrick Lagadec
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By Patrick Lagadec on ParisTech Review

The last few decades have witnessed an extraordinary development in the sciences and techniques of risk control and crisis management. However, there is a gnawing doubt: what if our points of reference, our capabilities, are no longer good enough?
Les dernières décennies ont vu un essor extraordinaire des sciences et techniques de la maîtrise des risques, de la gestion des crises. Et pourtant, un doute s'installe: et si nos références, nos compétences n'étaient plus les bonnes?

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