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After graduating from Paris Graduate School of Management (ESCP), Pascal Juery began his professional career as an internal auditor at Rhône-Poulenc in 1988, then joined the chemical division taking up various marketing and operational assignments. In 1998, he was appointed Global business director for the Fabric and Home care market, then moved to the USA to manage globally the Industrial and Oilfield markets for Rhodia HPCII in 2001. He became Rhodia Novecare’s General Manager for Europe, as well as the global business leader for the Home and Personal Care marketing 2004. He was appointed Rhodia Vice President Purchasing in January 2007. In 2008 he became President of the Novecare Enterprise, and since 2010 he has been the Group executive Vice-President.

By Pascal Juery on ParisTech Review

Le thème de la chimie verte est apparu dans le débat public il y a moins de quinze ans, mais il semble aujourd'hui stratégique pour le secteur. Loin d'une simple mise aux normes dictée par la régulation, il s'agit de choix industriels forts, qui ne se limitent pas au développement de nouveaux procédés mais engagent une réinvention des métiers de la chimie.
It's been less than fifteen years since the issue of green chemistry has become a matter of public debate, yet it now seems to prove strategic for that industry. Far from being a mere compliance with standards dictated by regulations, this is a matter of strong industrial choices - choices by no means limited to developing new processes, but truly involving a major overhaul of the chemistry industry.

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