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Nicolas Colin is a co-founder & partner at TheFamily, a self-styled accelerator which provides members with office space, workshops and access to its network of venture capitalists. He is also a Commissioner at Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL).

Formerly in charge, with Pierre Collin (conseiller d'Etat), of a report commissionned by the French Government about the tax system and the digital economy. As such, ranked in the top ten of the #GlobalTax50 in 2013. Co-author, with Henri Verdier, of "L'Âge de la multitude: Entreprendre et gouverner après la révolution numérique."

Graduated from Telecom Bretagne with a major in computer science. Graduated from the Institut d'études politiques (Sciences Po) with a major in public administration and a minor in American studies. Graduated from the École nationale d'administration (ENA) before becoming inspecteur des finances at Inspection générale des finances.

Former co-chief of staff for the Zelnik Task Force. Founder and former CEO of 1x1connect, co-founder of Stand Alone Media. Teaches at Telecom Bretagne and at Sciences Po. Member of the board of the Rules for Growth Institute.

  • L'âge de la multitude - 2e éd. - Entreprendre et gouverner après la révolution numérique
    Nicolas Colin
    List Price: EUR 22,50

By Nicolas Colin on ParisTech Review

Les modèles d'affaires qui émergent aujourd’hui offrent l'image d'une hyperconcurrence. Dans l'économie numérique, il y a toujours mieux et moins cher ailleurs, et cette dynamique déborde aujourd'hui les frontières du Net. Comment une entreprise peut-elle survivre dans cette jungle, comment peut-elle se distinguer? De nouvelles logiques émergent, de nouvelles propositions de valeur qui pourraient devenir la clé du monde économique de demain.
Business models that emerge today outline a world of hyper-competition: in the digital economy, it's always possible to find both better and cheaper elsewhere. Now, this tendency is spreading beyond the borders of the Net. How can a company survive in this ruthless world? How can it possibly stand out from others? New trends are emerging, new value proposals that could become the cornerstone of tomorrow's economy.

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