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Nicolas Bry is a senior vice-president at Orange Innovation Group. Forward thinker, he created international digital BU, at executive committee level, with a focus on interactive and social TV.

Graduated from Supélec Engineering School and HEC Business School, he completed a professional thesis on “Rapid Innovation” in 2010, that he implemented successfully at Orange through Innovation by component approach.

He blogs on on new collaborative forms of innovation and has been named #26 innovation blogger of 2011 by InnovationExcellence viewers.

By Nicolas Bry on ParisTech Review

In recent years, many firms have sped up their innovation processes. But can we protect the meaning and relevance of innovation while accelerating and increasing its impact? This is exactly the issue challenged by component innovation.
Beaucoup d'entreprises se sont tournées ces dernières années vers une accélération de leurs démarches d'innovation. Mais peut-on préserver le sens et la pertinence, tout en démultipliant l'impact et en accélérant ? C'est précisément l'enjeu de l'innovation par composants.
Innovation is the result of constant information exchanges between technology, the markets, an innovation team, as well as other departments of the firm. How can we speed up these exchanges within big companies? Nicolas Bry (Orange – Innovation Marketing Group) suggests creating small dedicated structures led by innovation professionals with specific management methods. Then the question becomes: how to insert their work into group strategies?

L’innovation rapide

Business on February 29th, 2012

Dans une entreprise, l'innovation est le produit d'une circulation de connaissances entre la technologie, le marché, l'équipe d'innovation et les autres services de l'entreprise. Comment accélérer cette circulation au sein des grandes entreprises? Nicolas Bry (Orange – Innovation Marketing Group) suggère de créer de petites structures dédiées s'appuyant sur des professionnels de l'innovation et des méthodes de management spécifiques, et alignées sur les stratégies du groupe.

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