Michel Aglietta / Professor of Economics, Paris Ouest University, Scientific Adviser, Groupama Asset Management

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A graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSAE ParisTech, Michel Aglietta is a Professor of Economics at Paris Ouest University and HEC Paris. He is also is a scientific counsellor at CEPII, a member of the University Institute of France, and a consultant to Groupama-Asset Management. From 1997 to 2003, he was a member of the Council of economic analysis for the French Prime Minister.

His monograph A Theory of Capitalist Regulation: The US Experience (Verso, 1976) laid the foundation for the regulation school of economics. Since then he has published many books, including recently La Voie Chinoise (The Chinese Way, with Guo Bai, 2012).

By Michel Aglietta on ParisTech Review

Entre planification et privatisation, le capitalisme à la chinoise trace sa voie originale. À quoi ressembleront les vingt prochaines années ? Pour s'en faire une idée, il faut revenir sur la trajectoire des réformes accomplies jusqu'ici, en prenant la mesure d'un phénomène majeur, qui devrait concerner 300 millions de personnes supplémentaires en quelques années : l'urbanisation.
Between planned economy and privatization, Chinese capitalism is trailblazing its original path. What will the next twenty years be like? To form an idea, we must go over the course of reforms that have been carried out so far, while taking the full measure of a major phenomenon, which should encompass 300 million more people within a few years: urbanization.


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