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A graduate from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM Cluny), with an MBA from ENSAM ESCP-EAP Paris, Matthieu Perrier started his career as an advanced concept manager for NewellRubbermaid. In 2003, he was hired as a research manager by Seb. He spent three years between France and China in 2008-2011, working as an innovation project manager for the Chinese market at Seb’s subsidiary Supor. From 2011 to-day, he has been an innovation manager at ITW.

By Matthieu Perrier on ParisTech Review

Dans les arcanes des services marketing, au cœur de l'industrie manufacturière, l'innovation apparaît aujourd'hui comme LA solution, ce qu'illustrent des succès parfois insolents dans un contexte pourtant délicat. Mais comment découvrir les opportunités nécessaires? Existe-t-il une recette pour les grandes entreprises? Une recette, non. Des méthodes, oui. Et de mauvaises stratégies, encore plus.
Shrouded in the secrecy of marketing services, at the heart of the manufacturing industry, innovation has today established itself as the ultimate solution, illustrated by insolent successes despite a challenging environment. Sometimes defined as the encounter between an invention and a market segment, innovation seems to generate alternatives, growth drivers, and even crisis products that allow companies to bounce or to renew themselves. So how are the necessary opportunities to be found? Is there a recipe for large FMCG companies? A recipe? Certainly not. But some methods, yes. And also plenty of flawed strategies.

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