Marie-Claude Dupuis / Chief Executive Officer for Andra (French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency)

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Marie-Claude Dupuis was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the French Radioactive Waste Management Agency (Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs – Andra) in August 2005.

Ms. Dupuis, who is a general mining engineer, is a graduate from the Polytechnic School and Mines ParisTech.

Early in her career, she became very deeply involved in various matters relating to the environment, to security and to quality.

She started her professional activity in 1988 at the Regional Directorate for Industry and Research (Central Region) as officer in charge of controlling nuclear facilities.

After six years at the General Directorate of Industrial Strategies within the Ministry of Industry, where she was Head of the Section for the Safety and Quality of Industrial Products, she joined the Pollution and Risk Prevention Division of the Ministry of the Environment, in 1998.

Until 2005, she was Director of the Industrial Environment Service where she managed the control of industrial and agricultural facilities at the national level.

Mrs Marie-Claude Dupuis has been elected Chairperson of the Radioactive Waste Management Committee of the OECD/NEA during its 40th plenary session on 16 March, 2007.

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By Marie-Claude Dupuis on ParisTech Review

All nuclear countries are faced with the thorny question of how to handle waste. France has made the decision to bury the most radioactive waste 500 meters underground in a 150 million year old layer of clay 130 meters thick, at Bure in the heart of the Lorraine countryside. According to the timeline, a law will be passed in 2016 to authorize construction. Marie-Claude Dupuis, CEO of Andra (French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency) and Chairperson of the Radioactive Waste Management Committee of the OECD discusses the project.
Tous les pays nucléaires affrontent la question épineuse du stockage des déchets. En France, les déchets les plus radioactifs seront stockés pendant un million d'années dans l'argile, dans une couche vieille de 150 millions d'années, longue de 130 mètres, à 500 mètres de profondeur, près de Bure, en Meuse. En 2016, une loi fixera les conditions de réversibilité du stockage. Entretien avec la française Marie-Claude Dupuis, directrice générale de l'Andra (Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs) et présidente du comité de la gestion des déchets radioactifs de l'OCDE.

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