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Dr. Marc-Olivier Bévierre is a partner with Cepton Strategies, based in Paris. After his studies in engineering at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, a PhD in organic chemistry, and an MBA at INSEAD, he has worked more than 15 years for globally acting companies in the pharmaceuticals industry. During those years he held senior management positions as a director for strategic planning at Johnson & Johnson (Janssen Cilag) and as a business unit director at Novartis in Basel and Paris. Marc-Olivier joined Cepton in 2008. He is responsible for Cepton’s Healthcare practice in France.

By Marc-Olivier Bévierre on ParisTech Review

Du profilage des patients aux thérapies géniques, en passant par le diagnostic moléculaire et de nouvelles formes de vaccination, les possibilités ouvertes par la médecine personnalisée sont immenses. C'est aussi un enjeu considérable pour l'économie des systèmes de santé, et bien sûr pour les grandes firmes pharmaceutiques, qui ont dû repenser en profondeur leurs démarches de recherche et développement.
From risk profiling to gene therapy and molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine opens new, exciting fields to medical research. Not only is it good news for the patients: considerable improvements are at stake, both for health systems and pharmaceutical firms now struggling to reinvent themselves. But the road ahead is still full of obstacles.

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