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Julien Legrand is a graduate from Mines ParisTech (P12) who is now reading at Peking University’s Yenching Academy, the university’s newest program designed to attract young leaders from all over the globe.

At Mines ParisTech, he wrote his thesis on innovation strategy in tech companies, while working for an Orange’s deputy Innovation Director.

He has been president of the Silkroads Association, which gathers 40 students from top universities in both China and France to discover the two cultures through company and institutional visits. He is currently interested in analysing China’s capacity for innovation, with a focus on its tech start-ups.

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By Julien Legrand on ParisTech Review

Un an après son introduction en bourse, les nouveaux investissements d'Alibaba ont déjà commencé à impacter la structure de l'entreprise. Le groupe a adopté une façon innovante d'exploiter les fonds qu'il a levés, en cessant de se définir comme une plateforme d'e-commerce pour devenir ce qu'il appelle désormais une infrastructure pour le commerce électronique.
One year after the IPO, Alibaba's new investments have started to impact the structure of the company. The group has adopted a modern and innovative way to exploit the funds it raised, shifting from defining itself as an e-commerce platform into what the group now calls an infrastructure for e-commerce.
L'usine du monde connaît aujourd'hui une vague de délocalisations internes. L'ouest du pays, où les salaires sont plus bas, est désormais desservi par des infrastructures de qualité. Certes, le guanxi et la corruption endémique compliquent la vie des entreprises. Mais il serait dommage d'ignorer ce nouvel eldorado.
Since Reform and Opening Up began in 1978, China has witnessed exponential double-digit GDP growth. While the coastal regions provided most of China's GDP growth, central and western China were quickly outpaced, as they lacked both the openness and the infrastructure needed to adopt this model. Coastal-inland inequalities are now closing the gap.


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