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A health economist by training, Jérôme Béranger validated in July 2012 a doctoral thesis in Human Pathology (Medical Ethics) on the "Model ethical analysis of health information systems applied to cancer" in Medical Aix-Marseille University. Currently, he is a senior consultant for Keosys and associate researcher at Espace Ethique Méditerranéen.

His research is focused on the approach to the ethical, sociological, organizational and technological design and use of information systems in health, doctor-patient communication, tele-medicine, e-health, m-health and medical Big data.

He has published thirty scientific articles in reputed journals and he is reviewer for three specialized scientific journals.

With his expertise in this field, Jérôme Béranger offers project management, audit and training services (via Keosys Consulting) on the quality and medical ethics applied to information and communication technologies.

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By Jérôme Béranger on ParisTech Review

Nous baignons dans une réalité numérique contrôlée et personnalisée où convergent une multitude de flux informationnels. L'exploitation de ces données est un sujet sensible, car elles touchent directement à notre intimité. Certes, chacun dispose d'instruments permettant de régler certains paramètres. Mais ce contrôle personnel reste partiel et personne ou presque n'est en mesure de le mettre en œuvre sérieusement. La question est donc posée d'un autre niveau de contrôle, d'une gouvernance des Big Data. Comment procéder? Une piste émergente est l'ethical data mining.
We bathe in a controlled digital reality where a multitude of information flows converge. Processing these data has become a sensitive issue inasmuch as they relate to our private sphere, to our intimacy. Personal control is only partly effective since almost nobody knows how to implement it seriously. This is why experts have been discussing the opportunity of Big Data governance. How can we proceed? Alongside the institutional answers based on the emergence of control authorities, one possible path forward could be via ethical data mining.


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