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A graduate from Ecole Centrale (Marseille), Jean-Pierre Malle worked ten years on Top Secret projects for Thales. He later founded M8, a company dedicated to using and promoting situational analysis within multinational companies as well as SME.

He has developed several methods, models, algorithms and software tools in the fields of cognitive psychology and psychosociology. His tools help grasping a player’s or group of players’s situation, analyzing and reshaping their cognitive schemes and areas of conscienceness. Two of his techniques are protected by a patent: first, a situational analysis reflex processor acting in real time on a situation, second, cognitive situational analysis processors building several levels of abstraction. Since 2011, the reflex processor is operated by Netwave, a French startup dedicated to the development of highly innovative technologies for analysis and real-time interaction in e-commerce. Jean-Pierre Malle is currently Scientific Director of Netwave, pursuing his research within a network of partner companies.

By Jean-Pierre Malle on ParisTech Review

Big Data marked a break in the evolution of information systems from three points of view: the explosion of available data, the increasing variety of these data and their constant renewal. Processing these data demands more than just computing power. It requires a complete break from Cartesian logic. It calls for the non-scientific part of human thought: inductive reasoning.
Les Big Data marquent une triple rupture dans l'évolution des systèmes d'information : explosion du nombre de données disponibles, variété croissante et renouvellement permanent de ces données. Leur traitement demande bien plus que de la puissance de calcul. Il exige de rompre avec le raisonnement cartésien, pour retrouver la face dite non-scientifique de la pensée humaine : le raisonnement inductif.

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