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Jean-Louis Jourdan is Sustainable Development Director at SNCF, France’s national state-owned railway company. An graduate from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, M. Jourdan started his career in electricity production units, before joining SNCF as an operation manager. Among several positions he was HR Head for the network’s northern area, Innovation and Sustainability Director for the Proximity Direction, and in 2008 he was appointed Sustainability Director.
Alexandre Kaddouri is a project manager for the Sustainability Direction at SNCF.

An engineer, specialist of environment issues, M. Kaddouri is in charge of a research and innovation project on ecomobility. For now two years, he has been working on the definition of an action plan on adapting to climate change.

Joëlle Tournebize is in charge of «Climate & CSR management » department, within SNCF’s Sustainable Development Direction. She was appointed on this position in 2008. Previously, she was Communication director for SNCF local train services (TER). An economist by training, she holds a master degree in Sustainable development and Organisation.

By Jean-Louis Jourdan, Alexandre Kaddouri, Joëlle Tournebize on ParisTech Review

In the field of rail transport, climate change raises very concrete challenges. The infrastructure is already under heavy stress and suffers from waves of heat that distort the rails and from floods that can disrupt traffic. Passenger comfort raises additional problems. How can we adapt to these changes? How can we anticipate them? Major rail companies have been thinking about these problems for several years and are beginning to design new strategies of action on the short, medium and long term.
Pour le transport ferroviaire, le changement climatique représente un défi très concret. Entre les vagues de chaleur qui déforment les rails et les inondations qui perturbent le trafic, les infrastructures sont mises à l'épreuve. Le confort des voyageurs pose lui aussi plus de problèmes. Comment anticiper, comment s'adapter ? Les grandes entreprises ferroviaires y réfléchissent depuis plusieurs années et des stratégies apparaissent, qui dessinent une action à court, moyen et long terme.

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