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Jannis Kallinikos is a Professor in the Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). A Greek and Swedish citizen, he holds a PhD from Uppsala University, where he started his career.

Jannis Kallinikos has been a visiting professor at various universities, including the University of Bologna, Växjö University, Umeå University, University of Macedonia, Greece, Stanford University and the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Brussels. LSE promoted him to full professor in 2007. Kallinikos served as member of the LSE Research Committee (2003–2008) research chair of the Information systems and Innovation group (2005–2008) and director of the MSc Programme in Information Systems and Organizations Research (ISOR) (2006–2008).

As the outcome of the cultural and technological developments that mark our time, his research has over the last decade increasingly focused on the study of the social and institutional implications of the diffusion of information and information-based artefacts across the social fabric. He is particularly interested in understanding how the diffusion of technological information in all its breeds (text, voice, image) and digital formats impinges upon social life by (re)constructing the foundations of social institutions and the patterns of interaction characteristic of everyday living. In his research he draws on a variety of social science disciplines including sociology and media, information science and semiotics, organization studies, philosophy and art theory.

To better accommodate these goals he has relatively recently formed the Information Growth and Internet Research (TIGAIR) group that is currently conducting research in a range of empirical settings on the formation of the new networked information environment he refers to as The Habitat of Information and the implications such an environment has for people, social processes and institutions.

His research and thinking on these maters are documented in a number of publications, including the recent books The Consequences of Information: Institutional Implications of Technological Change (Edward Elgar, 2006), and Governing through Technology: Information Artefacts and Social Practice (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), a number of recent journal articles and conference papers. More easily accessible versions of his ideas can be found in a number of publications made in the bilingual (French/English) online discussion forum Telos.

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    Jannis Kallinikos
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  • Governing Through Technology: Information Artefacts and Social Practice
    Jannis Kallinikos
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By Jannis Kallinikos on ParisTech Review

The Allure of Big Data

Society on November 16th, 2012

A vivid public interest has recently arisen over the issue of Big Data and its social and economic implications. Statesmen and politicians, economists, businessmen, activists, scientists, even artists declare the timely nature and relevance of the phenomenon. Is there anything of real importance, beyond the obvious buzz? And why now at this historical moment? The answer most probably lies in the distinct habitat of the contemporary digital communicative ecosystem of which the Internet is an important part and the data availability it affords.
Ce qui se joue avec les Big Data est une démonétisation radicale de la réalité, ou de ce que nous avions coutume jusqu'ici de considérer comme la réalité. Elle est aujourd'hui démonétisée. Elle s’éloigne, sa pertinence est mise en doute. Les implications sont vertigineuses.


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