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François Moisan is Executive Director of Strategy, Research, International for the French environment and energy management agency (ADEME). Daniel Clément is Deputy Scientific Director for ADEME.

By Francois Moisan & Daniel Clément on ParisTech Review

With such a range of possibilities, wherein lies the best approach to the goal of reducing global CO2 emissions? Might shifting perspectives on both lifestyle and technology come to be seen less as a constraint and more as the key to ever greater progress? The response to the current challenge depends as much on the emergence of disruptive innovation as on fresh perspectives toward current modes of energy production and consumption.
Comment réduire les émissions de CO2? La modification en profondeur de nos modes de vie et de notre système technique représente certes une contrainte, mais c'est également une incitation à l'innovation, aussi bien via l'émergence de technologies en rupture qu'à travers de nouvelles organisations de la production et de la consommation.

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