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Franck Guarnieri is director of Crisis and Risk Research Center at Mines ParisTech. He also heads the « Sciences du risque et du danger » collection at Lavoisier publishing. A scientific counsellor for Preventeo company, Mr. Guarnieri is a member of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, of Fondation de recherche pour une culture de sécurité industrielle (FONCSI), and an expert for the French National Research Agency (Agence nationale de la recherche) and the European Union (Information Society Program).

An associate researcher at Crisis and Risk Research Center (Mines ParisTech), Eric Przyswa is a consultant, working for both NGO and companies. He has recently published Cybercriminalité et Contrefaçon (FYP, 2010) and he is currently finishing a report for Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines.

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By Franck Guarnieri & Eric Przyswa on ParisTech Review

Depuis une dizaine d'années, le problème de la contrefaçon de médicaments a pris une acuité particulière dans le débat public. L'entrée de la Chine à l'OMC et la croissance d’Internet ont influé sur cette évolution, dont les formes et les enjeux restent mal connus. Vu l'ampleur du phénomène, il est aujourd'hui essentiel de considérer de près les transformations en cours et de repenser la lutte anti-contrefaçon.
The problem of counterfeit drugs has emerged as an acute issue in the public debate over the last ten years. Both China's entry in the World Trade Organization and the growth of the Internet have deeply influenced the evolution of this problem. Meanwhile, the forms and issues at stake are not very well known. Today, the problem has grown to such a magnitude that it has become crucial to rethink our fight against drug counterfeiting.

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