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Fangru Yang is the former Executive Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek China Edition. A Taiwan high-tech industry observer, now Executive Editor of Modern Weekly Business Page, he is the author of three books including "Poor Innovation Disease: Apple and Its Rivals."

By Fangru YANG on ParisTech Review

L'automatisation et la robotisation des usines est une tendance lourde. Face à cette concurrence imprévue, la Chine s'interroge aujourd'hui sur sa capacité à tirer parti du faible coût de sa main d'œuvre et à rester l'usine du monde. Mais la messe n'est pas dite. Explication à partir d'un cas d’école : Hon Hai, le principal producteur de l'iPhone 6.
You may not know Hon Hai, but it is to produce 70% of all iPhones 6. It also operates the largest factories on Earth. Terry Gou, founder and chairman, based his success on cheap labor costs as well as audacious merging strategies. Will the rise of automated factories mean the end of this success story, and more broadly the end of China as the world factory? As a matter of fact, Mr. Gou is fond of robots, and he won't be the last to launch an automated factory. But he may need Chinese arms for a while. Here is why.

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