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Emilie Esposito graduated from Bocconi University with honours and from Sciences Po Paris (Affaires Publiques). She worked six years in investment banking both in Paris and in London - lastly as an Assistant Vice President at Barclays Capital -, before pursuing an M.B.A. at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is now an equity research analyst in a leading US asset management firm.

By Emilie Esposito on ParisTech Review

Les entreprises sont de plus en plus souvent victimes de cyberattaques, qui peuvent mettre leur existence en danger. Mais des solutions existent. Certaines sont techniques, avec les métiers de la cybersécurité. D'autres sont culturelles, avec le partage d'information. Et les assurances?
Businesses are increasingly the victims of cyber attacks. These crimes are not only costly for the companies, but can also put their very existence at risk and may provoke significant externalities for third parties. The pace of innovation is escalating rapidly among threat sources, helped by an acceleration in the global proliferation of cyber expertise. Sharing information is a solution. What about insurance?


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