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Didier Julienne began his carreer after his service at the French Navy. In 1985 he joined Comptoir Lyon Alemand Louyot, a 200 year old French trade company, as a buyer of base metals. Two years later he became gold, silver and PGM's trader, then new markets manager. In 1995 he became metals director and member of the steering committee of an American company, Engelhard-CLAL. In 2003 he created Norilsk Nickel Paris office.

He has contributed to various official reports, published several articles about commodities and is a member of the scientific council of Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Didier Julienne graduated with a 3d cycle grade in international business from Marseille University in 1985. 10 years after he graduated from the prestigious CPA HEC Emba. In 2003 he became an Auditeur of the Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale in Paris.

By Didier Julienne on ParisTech Review

Les marchés mondiaux des matières premières ont profondément évolué depuis dix ans: les relations entre grands producteurs et grands consommateurs ont changé, la formation des prix intègre des facteurs nouveaux. Dans ce contexte, les Etats et les acteurs industriels doivent rapidement redéfinir leurs stratégies. Certains ont pris du retard.
The global market for commodities has profoundly evolved over the last ten years. The dynamics between large producers and consumers have shifted and new factors have been added to an already complex equation. Within this context, both governments and large industrial firms are being forced to rapidly redefine their current strategies with some moving more swiftly than others.


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